Context: El Hood was a music-centric online social network for Hispanics. Under the name Cyloop, we were tasked to re-launch the site to a global audience, maximizing limited resources.
Insight/Idea: We positioned Cyloop as the in-the-know enabler, “artists and fans connected.” With the concept, “Musicians don’t live long, enjoy them while you can,” we showed the ironic perils of musicians’ extravagant lifestyles across all music genres.
Why This Case: Fully integrated campaign incorporating banners, viral videos, print, online events, “artist” profiles, a website and a blog. We also used digital tools to bring the five characters in the campaign to life.
Results: Traffic to Cyloop increased by 225%. The campaign won a Cannes lion and was featured on TBS’ funniest commercials of the year. It also triggered new business opportunities for Cyloop, including a comprehensive deal with EMI.