Context: While Hispanics appreciated Subway’s quality, they also associated it with bland, “diet” food. In the general market, a meal is often about convenience and calorie-recharge. But for Hispanics a meal is often more emotional than functional—meals are events where taste and quality aren’t sacrificed. “Healthy eating” for Hispanics, is about fresh ingredients, not calories, and dieting is a window in time, not a lifestyle.
Insight/Idea: To win with Hispanics, Subway needed to focus on a more emotional area: taste.
Why This Case: Experience in fast food and how to successfully implement several marketing programs through a complex franchise model.
Results: The campaign was successful for Subway on both taste and intent to visit. Research shows that the Hispanic perception of taste improved. Furthermore, there was an upward shift in Hispanic perception of featured sandwiches as being new and exciting. Measures indicating frequency also increased. After seeing the campaign, a study of Hispanic consumers showed that visit intent grew and brand preference was higher than it had ever been.