Context: Despite being a leading U.S. brand, Trident had never talked to Hispanic consumers, creating a significant gap between the two markets in terms of awareness and relevance. The history of the brand in the US has always been around oral care benefits, but we soon discovered that Hispanic consumers are all about the flavor. They didn’t know that gum could be good for their teeth.
Insight/Idea: Hispanics moms love indulging their kids, but they also want what’s best for them. An ideal world is one that allows them to do both. Trident comes in eleven flavors and also helps fight cavities, making it the only gum that helps moms say yes to their kids when they ask for gum. “Trident - we make it easy to say yes.”
Why This Case: Found a way to communicate two key benefits: flavor + cavity protection, all at once in an insightful and relevant way.
Results: The campaign is currently running however, during quantitative testing, creative attained extraordinary results, well above the normal standards for the category.