Context: VW was well known for quality and reliability, but wasn’t perceived as an exciting brand. They made cars for every stage of a consumer’s life. But it was a brand for everyone, and no one in particular. We needed to create a niche for each new model and turn ordinary consumers into advocates, making the brand aspirational. How to make VW a leading brand in Latin America?
Insight/Idea: Make understated the new status.
Why This Case: Strong results and the ability to change the perception of a brand. Ability to manage several dealers, turning their points of view into constructive input reflected in the campaign.
Results: We started with only one model in Argentina—the Gol. We helped turn it into the best selling car in its category. It remained the best selling car in the country for 5 years and in 2006 the Gol became the best selling car in Argentina for the last 20 years. Once we began to work on other models, VW became the number one car brand in the country for the first time. We helped establish the brand in several regions globally, including all of Central America, Puerto Rico, Chile, Peru and Colombia.