time warner cable
Context: Time Warner Cable’s promise to help people get closer to their passions and “Enjoy Better” wasn’t resonating with Hispanics. They felt the brand offered a less enjoyable, more antiquated experience.
Insight/Idea: Since Hispanics have a unique set of passion points within telecommunications and entertainment, we demonstrated how the brand helped Hispanics get closer to what matters most to them. We started with two groups of people that Hispanics hold close to their hearts: family and celebrities. The executional elements included brand TV, DRTV, print, digital, and social.
Results: As a result of these efforts, over 20,000 new customers added the Global Penny Phone Plan to call their relatives in their home countries within 3 months of launching the service and over 30,000 new product service units (TV, Internet or Phone) were added. Of all the new subscribers, 50% were Hispanics.

Additionally, DRTV extensions of the celebrity spots (Kate del Castillo) saw $23 CPC’s, some of the best rates the brand has seen. Last but not least, the Hispanic Facebook page grew in likes by over 40% during these 2 campaigns.