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Business Intelligence Manager

This individual will be the keeper of and conduit for all data, information and competitive communications being generated and gathered on behalf of the largest wireless provider in the nation.

But it’s a much bigger and more interesting job than simply serving as a repository.

This role requires someone with the ability to do three things:

  1. Understand all kinds of data, from brand trackers to sales reports to Nielsen data as well as any kind of secondary data from multiple sources. Not a statistician necessarily, but someone very comfortable with numbers and quant data.
  2. Dig to find data from secondary sources. We need a bit of a detective here, someone who knows there is more than one way to search for something and who can get creative in finding info so that important holes get filled.
  3. But most importantly, this person has to be a holistic thinker. They cannot simply understand the individual data points that they encounter. The heart of the job is taking all of it and giving it meaning. We will rely on this person to see the big picture that the data can add up to. Which is why they need to be a creative thinker as well. We don’t want someone who can simply tell us what is based on the data; we want them to be able to tell us what could be. Which we think is the fun part.


The specific expectations we have are:

  • Whenever new sales, tracking or competitive data comes through, the Business Intelligence Manager will promptly analyze and report to Strategy and Account Management any salient or remarkable findings.
  • On a regular basis (weekly) the Business Intelligence Manager will report to the Strategy and Account teams what is happening in the market from both a communications and a business perspective. These teams will rely on you to keep us informed, up to date and in-the-know.
  • Most importantly, the Business Intelligence Manager will be looking for the trends and aberrations in the data and learnings that represent opportunities or threats for the brand. We can’t say how often these opportunities will arise. But we expect you to know them when you see them and make us all aware as quickly as possible. Doing so will mean being able to think both tactically and strategically.



We would prefer ad agency experience but are willing to talk to almost anyone who is smart and passionate about what they do. We would like a candidate with at least 5 years experience in data analysis/research/account management/planning. Or something else that we haven’t thought of.