Current Openings

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Connections Planner

We are looking for a digitally-minded, strategically-driven, and fun to work with connections planner. This will be our only connections planner, for now, so we need someone with the experience to function independently (while answering to the head of strategy), charm and influence clients and media partners, and help creatives, strategists and account people see media, specifically digital and social media differently. This doesn’t mean you’ll work alone; you will be part of a great team that loves to learn new things and will be counting on you to teach them.


Key Responsibilities

  • Develop a clear vision for how connections planning (with a focus on digital and social media) should function and evolve at the community.
  • Integrate that vision and the connections planning function into our strategic and creative processes.
  • Be prepared to work with smart, challenging people who sometimes take a little convincing, but in the nicest way.
  • Keep us all in touch with how digital and social media are evolving and bring an awareness of best practices into our process.
  • Develop an approach for working with creatives such that whether media is the chicken or the egg, they are inspired to think about media (especially digital and social media) in their ideation process.
  • Work with strategy to integrate media thinking into the strategic process as early as possible; we don’t want your thinking to be an afterthought.
  • Prepare unique, insight-driven approaches to digital and social media for clients in the telecom, automotive, beer, spirits, retail and other segments. This means going beyond flowcharts; we need user journeys, connections maps and whatever else you have to make us smarter and make the ideas better.
  • Be awesome in new business.
  • Enjoy working with people from 15 or so countries.



  •  7-10 years experience in the agency/media shop/digital world
  • a digital-first mentality
  • strong presence and presentation skills; you’ll be pitching and presenting to clients
  • a passion for big strategic ideas