Current Openings

We’re based in sunny Miami. So, if you’re into beautiful beaches, cool people and being a part of great work, send us your resume and/or portfolio link to Can’t wait to hear from you and don’t forget your sunscreen.

We have offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina as well.  So if you are into the Tango, beef, a great nightlife and a creative work culture, send us your resume and/or portfolio link to

The Community College

We’re looking for uniquely talented people to be part of our exclusive internship program – The Community College.

The select few who are chosen will spend three months in a tropical paradise working on clients like Verizon, Corona, Modelo, Converse, BMW, and Sauza Tequila, all while living in the sprawling Community House on world-famous Miami Beach.

Applicants should be, frankly put, the smartest, bravest, kindest, and hardest-working people anyone has ever met. If that’s you, we look forward to meeting.

To apply please send your resume and portfolio (if applying for creative) along with your answers to the following questions to

1. You’re exiled to a deserted island, and the only thing you can bring is your favorite ad campaign. What campaign do you bring, and why?

2. Fill in the blanks: If it weren’t for ________ I’d totally be ________ .

3. You’ve been taken prisoner by a lunatic and the only way he will let you go is if you burn down the house with ONE karaoke song. What do you sing?

4. Your own Wikipedia page was only granted 5 words. What are they?

5. Using only emojis, tell us why you would be the perfect choice.