Context: Many Latinos are skeptical of banks and value personal relationships when it comes to banking. They described Citibank as a good bank, but also as a “huge tall building” that was only for wealthy people.

Insight/Idea: We wanted to humanize the brand. We adapted the general market tagline “live richly” to convey that there are people behind Citibank who understand Latinos and who can help them pave a better future in the U.S. “Access to what you came here for” was a platform used to communicate new products tailored to Hispanics and to help them access the opportunities that came with building a credit history.

Why This Case: Consistency with the general market strategy while making it relevant to Hispanics. Our research and input affected the overall Citi business—from customer service and money transfers to product launches and branch locations. A large-scale grassroots marketing effort started the relationship by bringing the bank to where Hispanics were located.

Results: The campaign effectively changed the perception of the brand. It boosted business for money transfers by +300% and by +153% for account activations. It also helped the Latin America business and spurred an increase in credit cards (+28%), mortgages (+11%) and e-banking (+20%).





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