Context: Most brands focus their events on the nicest parts of the cities. But Converse is not like most brands. So instead of spending money in advertising on a typical promotion, we used those resources to help communities by recovering forgotten parts of the cities that were lost to the public.

Insight/Idea: Converse believes that unleashing the creative spirit will change the world. It’s all about an optimistic rebellion. So we used the transformative power of color to recover the forgotten spaces under the highways, turning them into cultural venues.After months of presentations, phone calls, permits and red tape, we finally invited locals to come out to help in cleaning and transforming the places through social media. Then several concerts, art exhibits, skateboarding events and short films projections were held on behalf of the brand. Finally, Converse gave those areas back for the local community to enjoy.  

Why This Case: Knowledge of pop culture in Latin America, as well as tapping into our network of digital and traditional artists.  

Results: Over eight thousand people attended each of the events. This number was amplified by social media and the events generated a lot of content for Converse Mexico’s 2M Facebook followers and Brazil’s 1.5 M, as well as their Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram’s platforms. Artists and bands involved quickly became hot topics of conversation. And every single event got free coverage from broadcast news, newspapers, magazines and bloggers.

Case Study Video