Corona Extra


Context: When we won the account, Corona Extra was the number one imported beer in the U.S., but sales were in decline and it had become generic, losing its authenticity. The beach didn’t represent the totality of the cultural relationship with Hispanics and the brand.

Insight/Idea: We realized that in the Corona “Extra” brand there was also a great message. “Latinos have something Extra” is a platform that celebrates both the extra of the brand and the extra of our target by recognizing their combined power to transform and enhance any everyday situation.The campaign that includes TV, OOH, radio and digital, uses the epic Rocky song to highlight heroic moments when our target’s attitude inspires everyone else. Then a Latin twist is added to the song portraying the latinization of American traditions that is widespread in the Hispanic world.

Why This Case: We made a rational attribute of the product emotional and directly linked to Latino culture by encouraging consumers to refresh their unique Latino way of living, known as “saber vivir” (know how to live).  

Results: Coming out of the summer 2013, Corona Extra grew 2.5%, marking its third straight year of growth. For that same time period, of the top 5 beer brands in the U.S., Corona Extra was the only one to also grow dollar share, reaching a $29 million gain.