Corona Extra


Context: While Corona was previously the number one import in America, sales were in decline and it had become generic as a brand, losing its Latino authenticity. The brand’s general market association with the beach wasn’t how Latinos saw “their beach,” which is more social and active. The beach didn’t represent the totality of the cultural relationship with Hispanics and the brand.

Insight/Idea: Refresh the emotional connection between Latinos and the beer of their culture. “Refreshes how we are,” reminds us of the things that make being Latino so unique. To reactivate the cultural role that the brand plays with Latinos, we created “The Corona Bleachers,” an effective visual that represents the Hispanic community.

Why This Case: We made a rational attribute of the product emotional and directly linked to Latino culture by encouraging consumers to refresh their unique Latino way of living, known as “saber vivir” (know how to live).  

Results: In the six months after the campaign, sales among Hispanics increased by +4.4% against an overall industry decline of +8%. Sales increased across key Hispanic markets including: Texas +10.7%, New York +5.4%, California +1.6%, and Florida +5.4%. The Latino contribution to overall Corona Extra sales increased from 3% to 35%.