Context: Hornitos was a brand floating in tequila’s no man’s land, between two behemoths, José Cuervo and Patrón. It’s that middle swath where numerous brands live and often die. Beam, Inc. approached us to make Hornitos relevant and become the shot of choice for 21-29 year-old guys by stealing occasions from José Cuervo.  

Insight/Idea: Unlike other spirits like whiskey or vodka, consumers don’t care about the tequila quality when taking shots. They just care about the effect, not the liquid. As a consequence of ordering just “a round of tequila shots,” most of the time they order José Cuervo, the default low-quality brand that’s only 51% agave. We decided to educate our target and position Hornitos as the smart premium choice for the shots occasion, providing a 100% agave tequila at a value price. “Not Just Any Tequila” speaks of its quality, but also became the platform used for every touch point of the brand: “Not any party,” “Not any bartender,” “Not any event,” etc.

Results: The results were immediate. In the first quarter following the launch of our work, sales and volume were up 25% and 28%, respectively, compared to the same time period from 2012.