Modelo Especial


Context: Despite being the #3 imported beer in the U.S., Modelo Especial is still unknown, with 40% of Latinos claiming they’ve never heard of the brand. We needed to recruit new drinkers by creating a unique brand voice against Heineken’s more “showing off” positioning.  

Insight/Idea: Research proved that the brand and target shared many of the same characteristics (i.e. honesty, unpretentiousness, straightforwardness, quiet confidence) that could be summed up in two words: real and authentic. The “Real World” campaign focused on the way our target really lives in the U.S. today, shooting in the actual cities depicted, with real people at locations where our target hangs out, to make it as authentic as possible.  

Results: During 2012, Modelo Especial sales went up by more than 20%; meaning more than 40 million cases were sold. This year, sales are continuing to grow by double digits, with sales having increased by another 17% so far.