Modelo Especial


Context: Modelo Especial is one the best stories in the beer category BUT its growth is PRIMARILY fueled by those who already love the brand. OUR challenge was to keep recruiting new drinkers to join those that already know Modelo Especial is the most authentic quality beer out there.

Insight/Idea: People tend to get caught up in thinking that rewards in life are things like money, promotions and cars. Campaigns nowadays (especially for beer) focus on humor, flash and a sensationalized take on the world. This campaign shines a light on life’s true rewards – the everyday moments that deserve their time in the spotlight. Because, although often overlooked, the most important rewards in the real world are earned every single day.

Results: In 2014, Modelo Especial overtook Heineken as the #2 import beer in the U.S. We expect this campaign to strengthen relationships with loyalists, form relationships with new drinkers and to solidify the brand’s leadership trajectory.