Remy Martin


Context: While consumers knew that Remy Martin was a superior VSOP product, it was perceived as outdated without much cultural relevance. A “dusty bottle.” It also skewed female, and was viewed as a “date drink.”  

Insight/Idea: Inject the brand with more life, testosterone and relevance, creating buzz not just against Hennessy, but also against ultra-premium spirits that were on the rise like Patron and Grey Goose. Leveraging the fact that Remy is a smaller and unexpected brand in our favor, “Things are getting interesting,” helped position the brand as a “catalyst for the unexpected” for those not wanting to follow the crowd. To connect with an influential, multicultural segment that we named ‘polychrome,’ we created a modern day interpretation of the speakeasy, where “interesting” happens behind closed doors, exclusively for those in the know.  

Why This Case: Experience in the luxury category. Embedded the idea on and off premise: promotions, limited-edition packaging, underground music programs, speakeasy creative elements at POS and events.  

Results: As a result of these efforts, Remy held its margin and gained base brand, despite being at the peak of an economic crisis. In testing, unprompted ad awareness was 43%. Brand associations shifted from “my father’s brand” to “cool, sexy, and energetic.” Remy reinforced its relevance with the African-American segment and increased its “sophisticated” and “classy” association among white and Hispanic segments.




Packaging (Limited Editions)